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tu_per_tuHow did your tailoring business begin?
Ever since I was practically still a boy I began to follow my father to the small family tailor’s shop, I have never lost my interest in and passion for sewing machines. It was the early 1950s and my first clients were local friends, and from then on I tried to meet the needs of people who could only afford two pairs of trousers a year: they did not have any money and so they were looking for quality in the little they could afford to buy.
That experience of mine, which was also the experience of Italy after the war, was that people could not buy very much but wanted high quality products.
I understood this need perfectly and  made it something possible for everyone.

Can you tell me in three words the values that best identify the company you founded?
In three adjectives: Seriousness, Quality, Fit.

Why did you think that your company needed to start a new chapter?
Because the times are changing, people change and fashion has to change with them. If we stayed in our entrepreneurial positions, we would be immobile in a situation  which although good, would not give us a future, a tomorrow, and as my company is based on the values of the family, it comes naturally to project the company into the future, into the “Tomorrow” of my children and grandchildren, and also of all those who work with us. I would like to add two more adjectives to the ones I’ve just mentioned: Continuity and Determination.



tu_per_tu2What is that extra something that Viganò trousers have?
Our trousers have an excellent fit, they are beautiful models and meet the needs of people in full, and our 5 lines show this especially when they are worn.

Where do you draw your greatest inspiration from when you decide to create a new line?
I am an outgoing  and positive person, full of enthusiasm. I have very deep roots in my land and as a consequence I put everything around me into my creativity, from nature to the friendly and sincere surroundings in which I work. I get inspiration when I look out of the window in my office and I can see the greenery around me, when I see people happy trying on and then purchasing my models.  I am also a person  who listens to others a lot and accepts advice from them that can meet their needs.

Who is the typical client that purchases Viganò trousers? Who are they designed for?
We have five lines of trousers, from classic to casual, from contemporary to the trendy five-pockets model. It is unlikely that there are not people who can wear our trousers for a whole day. It is equally clear that our trousers have a very particular fabrication with high quality fabrics and with great attention shown to even the tiniest details. The person who wears our trousers has to feel better with himself and when he is with others, he has to feel on top form and always have great self-esteem, from the early morning when he leaves home to the evening when he returns. Our trousers are designed to be lived in.

How are the lines organized?
As I said, we have five lines; the 1959 line (the year the company was founded)the Classic and New Classic , for a man/woman  to wear in the office and who never wants to be wrong ; the Relax line, for the person who wants to dress in a simple but elegant way; the Contemporary line, for the man who is always in step with  the times, trousers suitable for business or leisure travel and very casual but dynamic and then there is our  VPI line, the trendiest and youngest one with the special lines  and lastly, the  20050 line which never goes out of fashion, with five pockets, the jeans where casual and elegant meet perfectly , designed for the casual man but who still wants to be elegant.

How would you describe the Viganò style?
It is a simple and elegant style with refined details, with a fit that is always up to date with the market’s demands. Our style has been conceived and built up around the individual and for the individual.



tu_per_tu3Being given a role of responsibility in the family company is a considerable challenge from several points of view. How do you feel with respect to before?
I feel fine, just as I felt fine before. I am part of a family with healthy and strong values, and taking on responsibilities has never frightened me, even though they have increased  now with the official role I have in the company, but I have lived in the company ever since I was born and it is natural for me to be in a certain way.
My father has thought me a great deal about running the company and his experience has become a way of life for me, I would not be able to be any different to how I am.

The  “Our Job is Your Job” project sees a new  Viganò, closer to the clients and more open to the international market, what is the impact of this choice on your work?
It is the concrete and inevitable answer to give the market. Our clients are mainly agents and/or distributors, importers, in short the intermediate step between the company and the final client and this  project “Our Job is Your Job” addresses them, precisely to help them in the growth of the market and to increase the numbers of trousers sold in the shops. If this concept is understood by this “intermediate step”, I think that the increases in turnover can be confirmed, as per our estimates. It is clear that we are also introducing other new arguments for growth but we will talk about them in the coming months. In the meantime let’s start by saying that we are moving with a view to a global market, with new openings of showrooms and consequently shops, the Arab market for example is, with our showroom in the centre of Dubai, the clearest expression of how we want to grow worldwide, but without forgetting the  “Pop-ups” which are tours in foreign markets and in Italy. Then the Fashion Day, a sort of Event that is targeted to the promotion and direct sale of our trousers, involving final clients, i.e. our real consumers. For the time being, we are doing Market Tests, and I have to say, with great pleasure, that the results are excellent. We want to be close to our direct client, the “intermediate step”, to be stronger in reaching the final client. In  short, “Our Job is Your Job”.

Your collaborations are increasingly international… Which part of the world do your clients come from?
The answer is almost obvious… but thank you for having asked me! This way I can show you our current borders and our new borders. They come from all over the world, from Asia, from North America, from the Arab countries, from Europe, from  Northern Europe and the East European countries. We have seven Viganò Showrooms and about 140 POS in shops and department stores. We are reorganizing the company to create the ideal condition to bring an increasingly active and positive service to these clients. One of our great objectives is to  have a recognizable Brand in 3 years. 



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